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Book Review: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sendhya Menon

When Dimple Met RishiWhen Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dimple and Rishi have been arranged to be married. They're complete opposites. Dimple doesn't like traditional Indian ideals and tries to stay far away from them. She's not interested in finding the perfect Indian husband. Her main priority is this awesome summer program where she can use her web developing skills. Rishi is a hopeless romantic, the perfect Indian boy, total boyfriend material. He can't wait to woo his future wife. Both of them are attending the same summer program because their parents thought it would be a great way to begin their arrangement. And the adventure begins.

This book is everything I wanted and more. We have the trope of opposites attract, a swoon-worthy romance, a strong independent female lead, a sweet and wonderful male lead, and enjoyable characters overall. Rishi Patel is what book boyfriend dreams are made of. The book is told in dual perspectives, which is great because you get to see what both Dimple and Rishi are thinking. They both have wonderful character development.

This book is about self-discovery, love, and family. This has been my most anticipated book of the year and I'm so glad that I had the chance to read it. It's an outstanding debut novel. It's a great representation of Indian culture and a wonderful own voices novel. I look forward to reading more of Sandhya's work in the future. If you love contemporary romance novels you NEED to read this book. If you only read one book this year it has to be this one.

I received an ARC from the publisher via Net Galley.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

Book Review: Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

Heart on the Line (Ladies of Harper’s Station, #2)Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Grace Mallory, a telegraph operator has found a safe haven in Harper’s Station, a colony run by women. After the murder of her father, she’s sent into hiding to preserve the documents her father risked his life to save, and hide from the man who wants to make those documents disappear. When her life is in danger she must prepare to keep everyone in the town safe. Amos Bledsoe, a fellow telegraph operator strikes up a friendship with Grace through the wire. When he finds out that her life is in danger he’ll stop at nothing to help her. Will a long distance friendship turn into something more?

If you take online dating and put it in 1890’s Texas you’ll get the story of Grace and Amos. They never met in person but they were slowly falling for each other. Both were insecure about meeting in real life wondering if their appearance would satisfy their imagination. The thing I liked most about the romance is that it wasn’t based on physical attraction, it was based on actually getting to know a person based on their intellect and personality.

Helen’s story captured my heart. She is a tough woman who doesn’t trust men but when she found a wounded man she put her prejudices aside and did everything in her power to help him.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked reading about a colony run by women. The inhabitants of Harper’s Station are such wonderful, strong, inspiring women.The men who fall for them compliment their personalities and support them in any way possible.

Karen Witemeyer is the queen of Christian Historical Fiction in a Western setting. The way the author intricately describes her characters makes you feel as if you can look into their souls. The character development is wonderful because it shows how a person changes when they put God at the center of their lives.

This book has a great dose of romance, friendship and action to keep you on your toes and enjoying the ride the whole way through. I would recommend all of Karen Witemeyer books to anyone who loves a historical fiction and sweet romance novels.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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Book Review: The World's Greatest Chocolate-Covered Pork Chops by R.K. Sager

The World's Greatest Chocolate-Covered Pork ChopsThe World's Greatest Chocolate-Covered Pork Chops by R.K. Sager
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Middle Grade, YA

"I'm Zoey Kate, culinary prodigy, gourmet innovator, child chef extraordinaire."

"... I know how to say bon app├ętit in fifty-two languages."

Zoey is a child chef genius. Her recipes are all about mixing together ingredients that normally wouldn't go together, but it works and people love her cooking. She wants to open her own restaurant so that the whole world will get to experience her amazing cooking. She has wonderful people who support her along the way. She also makes a few enemies who don't want her to succeed.

This book was hilarious. It had me laughing from the first page. Zoey is such a quirky character. Following her adventure was really fun. I loved that different food cultures are talked about and that we get to explore some of San Fransisco. This book is full of unique and imaginative characters.

This book would be great for children as it teaches them to dream big and that anything is possible if you work hard for it. It also shows us the importance of friendship. As an adult, this book will let your inner child run free. I like that recipes are included at the end, especially one for chocolate-covered pork chops.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I think that children would love this book. Since there are many children who have a passion for food and cooking they will really enjoy it and relate to Zoey.

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley.

 Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

Book Review: A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Genre: Fantasy, YA

Vikram has received an invitation to the Tournament of Wishes but in order to compete, he needs a partner. Gauri reluctantly becomes his partner. They're complete opposites. The Fox Prince can charm his way out of anything. He can spin a tale so intricate that anyone will be enchanted. His words are his weapons. Instead of fighting he uses his speech. The Jewel of Bharata is a mighty fighter. In a battle she's lethal. She doesn't trust anyone or anything but herself. On the surface, Vikram and Gauri appear to be different but if you look closely you’ll see that they’re two halves of the same coin. They both want the same thing: freedom. An unlikely alliance is formed by two people who were destined to meet. They must learn to work together in order to win.

This book has everything you could possibly want in a great story. We have a strong, fiercely independent female protagonist and a wonderful, optimistic male protagonist. It's told in multiple perspectives, which allows the reader to understand what each character is thinking. Vikram endured a difficult childhood and he didn't let that turn him hard. He still believes in magic and has faith in himself. Gauri's childhood taught her how to be a fighter and to survive. They need each other to break their walls and finally let someone in.

This book has a slow-burn, enemies to lovers romance. This is one of my favourite tropes. It was nice to read about the progression of the romance. It was also nice to see both characters grow on their own. What I loved about Vikram is that even though he was sure of his feelings for Gauri he gave her the time that she needed to discover who she was before she could be with him. He waited for her. He let her decide and never pushed her to be with him. We need more characters like him. Both of these characters were extremely pleasant to read about. I loved them both.

This book is lyrically written.This is a companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen.  I'd consider it a sequel because it's set in the same world and it feels like it starts in the time period where the previous novel left off. I also think that this book can be read as a stand-alone because it's different enough from the first one. The Star-Touched Queen has a larger focus on mythology and immortality, while A Crown of Wishes is mainly about these two people thrust into a magical world and encountering magical creatures. Roshani Chokshi's prose captivated me and brought me to another world. I would read anything from her because she has such an enchanting way with words. I love that she takes elements of her own culture and creates a story around it. This story takes you on an action-packed adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. If you love fantasy novels this book is for you. I highly recommend that you read it.

Have you read this book? Do you plan to read it?

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher.  

Book Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion by Jane Austen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars 

“I am half agony half hope… I have loved none but you.”

“Her affection would be his for ever.”

I haven’t read Jane Austen in a while. I’m glad I read this one as a means to get back into her works. 

Persuasion tells the story of Anne Elliot. When she was nineteen she was persuaded to reject the proposal of the man that she loved because he had no net worth. Eight years later he reappears in her social circle as a rich captain. He treats her as if they’re strangers and seems to be interested in someone else. When someone else shows an interest in Anne will his true feelings come out? This book deals with love, loss, self-worth, and jealousy.

I think that Anne Elliot is the most mature Austen heroine. She has become one of my favourite literary characters ever written. She’s an over-thinker. She needs time alone to get her thoughts in order. She like spending time with people but she also needs to spend some time alone. When she was young she let the influence of others, particularly Lady Russell determine her decision to reject the man that she loved, but as she matured she didn’t blame anyone but herself for it. She accepted the fact that it was her decision and didn’t regret it even though it brought her great suffering. There were parts of the book where she thought about how her life would have been different if she would have accepted the proposal. She never stopped loving him. Anne spent most of the book watching the love her life interacting with someone else not knowing that he was still in love with her. She would have married him the second he popped back into her life.

I strongly disliked Anne’s family. Her father doesn’t see much worth in her as she didn’t marry when she was young. I felt indifferent towards her sister Elizabeth. Her sister Mary is selfish and acts as if she's the center of everything that goes on. At the start of the novel I completely disliked Lady Russell, but I grew to tolerate her.

While I do think Captain Wentworth should have been clear about his feelings from the beginning but, I think that he’s a good person. He understood why Anne rejected his proposal when she was young. It’s understandable that he was angry at first. Even in the times that he’s ignoring her he still speaks highly of her. He spent eight years away from her but his love for her remained constant in all that time. He was ready to accept rejection a second time, but he just had to let his feelings be heard.  He gave her the choice of whether or not she wanted to be with him.

If I would have read this when I was younger I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it as much as I do now. I’m pleased with the ending. This was Austen’s last novel and it’s her most mature.

Who's your favourite Austen heroine?

Sincerely, JoJo.♥