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NOTD: Essie Urban Jungle

I've been seeing Essie's Haute in the Heat Summer 2014 collection everywhere. I believe the first time I saw the collection was on Essie's instagram and I was draw to this shade Urban Jungle. It just looked like summer and the beach to me. It's unlike any other polish I own. It's probably the closest to white you can get without being white. Essie describes this shade as and 'irresistible alabaster orchid.' It's a cream beige with a hint of pink undertones. It's paler and less beige than Sand Tropez and more beige than Ballet Slippers. I personally think that it makes my hands look tanned even though I haven't gotten any sun this week (it's been rainy and cloudy here. As I'm typing this it's raining.) so with an actual tan this will look amazing.

With Essie's light shades the formula is usually hit or miss. This one was actually amazing. You only need two coats for full opacity. The first coat applies a little streaky but it evens out once you apply the second coat. I was really surprised because some of Essie's paler assortment require 4 coats to reach full opacity (I'm looking at you Fiji). This just made me like the shade even more. The polish lasts three days with minimal chipping. I'm pretty sure only two of my nails had chipped polish when I took it off. If you like this shade I recommend getting it as fast as you can because it is limited edition. If you love a good nude polish you'll be pleased with this one.

Essie polishes vary in price. I'd say there's between $7.99 and $9.99 depending on where you shop. I got this one for $7.99 because Shoppers was having a sale. Target often has them on sale.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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