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Dior Nail Glow: My Nails But Better?

Dior Nail Glow has been on my wishlist for the past year. I finally decided to pick it up a few weeks ago. According to Sephora this product is supposed to make the pinks of your nails pinker and the whites of your nails whiter. It's supposed to enhance your natural nail and give them a natural and healthy glow. I agree that it does in fact do exactly what it's described to do. My nails had a healthy and glowy appearance (essentially it was my nails but better). It almost looked like I got a french manicure. I loved it! My only issue is that it doesn't last long. I would say that your nails look really nice for about 3 days. After 4 days the polish starts wearing off and it starts looking patchy on some nails. For $26 CAD I was hoping that this would last for about a week. I know that chipping happens no matter how much you pay for a product. I guess I just had very high expectations for this product. I don't regret buying it because it's a great way have a polished nail appearance when you don't feel like doing a complete manicure. I will be using it when I need to dress professional or when I can't decide on a color to paint my nails (which happens often). This is a nice product to have if you're a nail polish addict like me but I wouldn't call it a must-have product. I mostly bought this as a treat to myself.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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