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August Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites!

The month of August flew by. Then September came and school started, and I forgot about my monthly favorites.

MAC 217 Eyeshadow Brush
I've heard about this eyeshadow brush ever since I first started watching beauty videos. This brush gets so much hype and many brushes are comparable to it. I was always hesitant about buying it because it's not cheap. I also hesitated to buy it because it's not the softest brush out there. Now that I own it I understand why this product gets so much recognition. I think it's the best eyeshadow brush I've ever used. It makes blending eyeshadow extremely easy. It's almost effortless because it feels like the brush does the work for you. You can just lightly swirl it around and it blends your eyeshadow so fast. My eyeshadow turns out looking better than it does when I don't use this brush. This has proved to me that MAC brushes are worth the investment.

Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose 
This is one of the first blushes I ever bought. It's always had a special place in my heart.  I love this blush because it looks so natural but it brightens your complexion. I would describe the shade as a pale peach. For a long time I couldn't get a hold of this blush and I was so upset about it. I ended up buying from FeelUnique because this particular shade seems like it's no longer available in Canada. If you can get your hands on it buy it.

Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner
I've always used Dove soap to clean my makeup brushes because it always did a good job of cleaning them. I always thought that specific crush cleansers would have the effect as my Dove soap. I heard a few rave reviews on the Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner. At first I thought $17 was too much for a soap to clean my makeup brushes. I decided to try it because it's formulated with argan oil. Once I used it I realized that the hype surrounding this product are accurate. It makes cleaning my brush so much faster than usual. I also feel like it helps my brushes to dry faster.  I like that it comes with a little silicone disk that helps with the washing of the brushes. I'm quite happy with this purchase.

Lifestyle Favorites

I've spent my summer watching a lot of K-dramas. I don't understand Korean but I decided to watch Secret Garden after hearing my friend rave about it. It was on Netflix and I ended up marathoning it. Since then I've become obsessed with K-dramas. My favorites at the moment are: Secret Garden, Tomorrow's Cantabile, Witch's Romance, and Sensory Couple. They're highly addictive. Once you start watching one you can't stop.

My Everything - Owl City
Listen To My Heart - Melody Day
You've Fallen For Me - Jung Yong Hwa

Sincerely, JoJo.♥


  1. I don't understand Korean either, but kdramas have still suckered me in. I went through a phase this summer too, and watched Secret Garden for the first time! (And a bunch of other ones on Netflix and Viki) 'Shining Inheritance' is one of my all time favourites, and I'm currently watching 'She Was Pretty'!

    1. How did I not reply to this sooner? Apparently I'm bad at replying to comments. Sorry about that. Kdramas have taken over my tv watching life. I'm currently obsessed with Marriage Contract and Descendants of the Sun, both of which I didn't think I would like based on the plot summaries.