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September Lifestyle Favorites!

Since I've had a lot of beauty favorites to talk about this month, I decided to write a separate post about all my non-beauty favorites. (It's also partly because I have a lot of kdramas to talk about.) If you want to see my beauty favorites click here.


Age of Youth - This is a 12 episode kdrama about 5 girls that are roommates. Each girl has a different personality and is going through different life situations. It's a slice of life drama. I love that it's a female-dominated drama and that the girls were always supporting each other. There is romance but it's not at the center of the drama. It's one of my favorite dramas of the summer. I think it's a must-watch. It's a JTBC drama and I tend to love dramas from them.

Bad Guys - This drama was recommended to me. It's not the genre that I normally watch. It's a crime/action/thriller drama. I was hesitant about watching it at first because there is no romance but I ended up loving it. The story is about a gangster, a contract killer, and a psychopath who get released from prison to help solve a serial killer case. Together with a suspended detective, they solve crimes. The action scenes are epic. The acting is amazing. This drama is definitely underrated. No one really talks about it but the people who do praise it.

Love O2O - This is a cdrama based on a novel by Gu Man, who is also the author of the novel that Boss & Me (my first cdrama) is based on. The story is about Xiao Nai a gaming genius who's also the most popular guy in school. He's perfect at everything. He falls in love with Bei Wei Wei, a computer science major, at first sight, but what he notices is the way she controls her game. They first meet in an online gaming community and eventually meet in real life. I love that this drama supports women in STEM and female gamers because it shows girls that you can choose a career in any field that you love. The romance is adorable and the main couple has a healthy relationship based on trust. (There's also a scene related to basketball where the main couple reminded me of season 1 Naley.) Friendship is also the main point of this drama. Everything about this drama was well executed. The cinematography was beautiful. The gaming scenes were really cool. It's a must watch if you love a fluffy rom-com.

Smile, You - This is an older drama that's been on my watch list for a while. The main reason I watched it is because Jung Kyung Ho is the lead. It's about a rich girl whose family goes bankrupt and gets left at her wedding because she has no money. She meets the grandson of her family's driver and sparks fly. The romance is a slow burn but it's so adorable. The male lead isn't the typical jerk. He's a great person from the beginning. Even though it's a 45 episode family you can actually get through it quickly. It will make you laugh and cry but you'll enjoy the entire ride with this family.

TV Shows:

The Great British Bake Off - Do I really need to explain why I love Bake Off? It's a baking competition and I love watching anything about food. Just watch it if you aren't. You'll thank me later.

La Prova Del Cuoco - I remember watching this with my grandfather when I was a child. It's a daily Italian cooking show. Whenever I'm home during the week I watch it. The first part of the show is about showcasing different recipes of the day. They put a spin on traditional Italian recipes and introduce various cuisines to the Italian audience. The second part of the show is about two teams that get two different baskets of ingredients inspired by a region of Italy. Each team needs to create a dish in 20 minutes and the judges decide which one is the best. Think of it as a cross between a show like Racheal Ray and Chopped.


Through Your Eyes - Britt Nicole
Live Alive - Rend Collective
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds - Gummy
Don't Push Me (Ballad Version) - WENDY & Seulgi


Chocolate and Olive Oil Fig Cakes
I love chocolate, I love figs and I love olive oil cake. Put them all together and you get this delicious and light dessert. It’s a twist on a classic olive oil cake. It’s not too sweet but it satisfies your chocolate craving. All the flavours blend so well together. It’s one of the best desserts you’ll ever eat. It’s really easy to make but it tastes like something you would find at a high end, gourmet restaurant. This dessert will definitely impress people.


I was unsure about this palette but this video made me put the palette on my wish list. She creates 4 looks from minimal to bold. It really shows how versatile and wearable this palette really is. Now I just have to wait for the palette to come back in stock. 

Gothamista - Renee has the best in-depth beauty product reviews. She talks a lot about Korean skincare and I've learned a lot by watching her videos. I found her video about face oils extremely helpful because she talks about which oils are best for your skin type and what each oil does for you. It showed me why certain oils never worked for me and which ones I should try. I also loved her video reviewing sheet masks because those are my favorite kinds of face masks. Now I have a list of masks that I need to try.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥


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    1. It's amazing! I really hope you try it. :)

  2. The Bake Off is so good isn't it! Going to check out some of your song choices as I need some new ones to download :)

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  3. I actually watched the pilot of "Smile, You" because Lee Min-Jung is so cute/one of my favourites, but I was like, "45 EPISODES???? NAH, FAM". I enjoyed what I saw though! I just don't think I'd be able to make a 45-episode commitment, since I've been trying to finish two dramas that I started wayyyyy early this year (Oh My Venus and Cheese In The Trap)

    1. I totally get it. Family dramas aren't for everyone. The plot and romance takes forever to develop because there are so many episodes. The writers always makes the mothers excessively annoying. Smile, You was on my watch list for a long time because Jung Kyung Ho is one of my favorite actors. I loved Lee Min Jung and I wanna see more of her dramas. Oh My Venus is one of my faves. There are so many cute moments and I love the cast. There is an entire episode of angst but the last episode makes up for it. The ending was full of happiness. Cheese In The Trap wasn't my favorite but I do think it's worth the watch. I almost dropped CITT around episode 11. I avoided it for a few weeks but I decided to finish it because I wanted to know how the story would turn out. It has a really open ending that it almost feels incomplete that it's ending there.