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NOTD: Revlon Colorstay nail enamel in Bold Sangria

Everyone has been raving about the Revlon Colorstay nail polish every since it came out. I was always skeptical about trying it because regular Revlon nail polish always chips super fast on me. I finally decided to try this nail polish because the color is so beautiful. Bold Sangria is a really nice creamy purple. It's the perfect purple in my opinion.

The formula is really think and easy to work with. One coat is almost enough but I felt like 2 coats was better. This nail polish is supposed to last like a week without chipping. On my nails it chipped after 3 days. Formula wise I get why people love it. I love that it has a thick formula. I love this color but Revlon nail polish is not my favorite. I'm an OPI and Essie girl so it's really hard for me to love other brands because I tend to compare everything to OPI or Essie. 

P.S. I haven't posted much in the past 3 weeks because I had midterms and tons of assignments. Now that my midterms are over I will make time to post more. xoxo -JoJo

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