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I LOVE Summer TAG!

I saw Ingrid missglamorazzi start this tag on youtube and I decided to do it just because I love Summer lol. 

1. Favorite bronzer for summer?
I don't wear bronzer on a daily basis but when I do it's the highly raved about NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing face powder in Sunny. It looks natural with my light complexion and it doesn't look muddy. 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? 
(Favorite summer drink)
This is a no brainer for me. Sweet tea. 

3. Favorite summer lip product?
MAC Plumful. It's a good color to wear all year round but I've been wearing it recently. I purchased this lipstick after hearing essiebutton rave about it so much.   It has a lustre finish so it starts of a little sheer but provides nice shine on the lips. MAC describes it as a "blossoming rose-plum." Now that I think about it I think calling it a rose-plum is pretty accurate. It adds a nice tint to my lips and it's perfect for every day.

4. Pool or Beach?
Pool. I just love swimming in general. I love swimming in the ocean but since there is no ocean near me I prefer the pool.

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product?
The Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum. It somewhat helps control my frizzy hair and smells amazing. I like to put it in my hair at night and then in the morning I find that my hair isn't frizzy. Throughout the day my hair isn't as frizzy as usual. 

6. Sun bathing or fake tan?
A little bit of both. 

7. Favorite summer nail polish?
OPI Fly lives on my toes all summer.

8. Any summer traditions?
Going for long walks in the evening and going to dairy queen on the way home. 

9. Favorite summer scent?
Marc Jacobs Daisy. It's a fresh and girly scent that makes me think of summer. 

10. Favorite BBQ food?
Meat: my absolute favorites are ribs and chicken. Potatoe salad. Pasta salad. I LOVE corn. 

11. What's your favorite summer-proof product?
My MAC paint pot in painterly has recently been my go to eye product. It stays in place and doesn't crease making it a wonderful base for any eyeshadow. Wearing it alone is great because it covers the veins on my eyelids and stops my eyelids from getting oily. My covergirl clump crusher waterproof mascara is my go to mascara because it makes my lashes look natural and doesn't smudge.

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip!
At this point I don't think I'll be going anywhere but there is still a slight chance that I might be going to New York. If I could go anywhere right now I would love to go to the beach in Florida or visit my family in Italy.

Sincerely JoJo. xoxo

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