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Curl Cream: A Revolution for Curly Hair

A few months ago I was reading a magazine and there was a page about styling curly hair. I'm always interested in articles like that because I have extremely curly hair and it's quite a task to find products that work for me. I spent many years hating my curly hair and doing everything to make it straight. I still prefer it straight but I've learned to embrace the curls. A large part of embracing the curls is because of my discovery of curl cream.

Before going on vacation this summer I was browsing through the travel section of Target and I found the Marc Anthony Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream. I decided to try it because I figured it would come in handy when I left my hair natural (which I did the entire time I was in Florida). The product specifies that has a humidity shield. It really does. I followed the instructions on the back of the tube that say to apply it on damp hair from root to tip and either let it air dry or dry it with a diffuser. I let it air dry. When I usually let my dry naturally I end up with giant frizzy curls that make me look like a poodle. When I use this curl cream I get controlled curls. This gives me a messy I woke like dis type of curl. There is no frizz and lots of shine. I've also been using this product when I dry my hair straight because of its humidity shield. It seems to work well as a heat protectant spray and makes my hair look shiny and not frizzy which is what I want especially when I straighten my hair. The product also has a nice scent. I'd say it has a subtle citrus scent, possibly lime. Overall, the only thing you really need to know is that it works like a charm.

Curl cream is my new favorite hair care product and I think anyone with curly hair should try it. This travel size Marc Anthony one was about $2-$3. This is actually my second tube of the travel sized version. When I run out of this I will be purchasing the full sized product. I wish curl cream was around when I was in high school because it would have spared me from putting so much mousse in my hair that it became crispy and unpleasant to touch.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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