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NOTD: OPI Gelato on my Mind

NOTD: OPI Gelato on my Mind

I love gelato. I love gelato so much that I bought a nail polish purely because it was mentioned in the name. Gelato on My Mind was part of the OPI fall 2015 Venice Collection, and that's when I bought it. The shade immediately scream Spring to me and so I wait till now to wear it. The brand describes this shade as a "deliciously sweet and icy-cool, pastel blue." I would say it's more of a duck egg blue most of the time. It has a hint of green but it's more blue than green. In sunlight it's very bright and almost neon pastel aqua blue. In other lights it looks more muted like a duck egg blue. It's a beautiful shade. It's probably not the most unique shade but the name sucked me in. I don't know why this polish is gelato's namesake because I've never seen gelato this colour, not even pistachio gelato looks like this. I have Essie's Mint Candy Apple, which I thought would be similar but it's actually slightly darker and more blue. In terms of application, you need three coats. The first coat applied streaky on half of my nails. The second coat evened out the streakiness, and the third coat made everything opaque. This shade lasted 4 days on my nails with minimal chipping. OPI polishes are $10.25 on nailpolishcanada. If you already own Essie Mint Candy Apple you don't need both, if you're a nail polish junkie then maybe you need both. If you love gelato then you might want to own Gelato on My Mind. 

I'm gonna go eat some gelato now.

Sincerely, JoJo.♥

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