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March Favorites!

Another month is over, and that means it's favorites time. March seems like it went by too fast. I remember it being reading week and that I got new glasses but I can't remember anything else except that it was Easter. Here's what I've been loving this past month.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
I've had this foundation in my makeup collection for a long time. I actually forgot that I owned it because I've alternated between the same foundation or tinted moisturizer: Bourjois Healthy Mix and BareMinerals Complexion Rescue for the past year. NARS Sheer Glow got pushed aside but I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the bottle doesn't have a pump. Anyways, I wear the shade Mont Blanc, which is my skintone in a bottle. I compare every foundation that I buy to this shade to ensure that I'm getting a good match. I personally think that the name sheer glow is misleading because the foundation is not sheer nor is it glowy. It applies as a medium to full coverage satin finish foundation. It applies best when paired with a beauty blender (because beauty blenders make everything better) as it gives it a natural skin-like appearance. When I use this foundation with a brush it looks cakey. A downside to this foundation is that it doesn't have spf in it and as a result I don't wear it on a daily basis; however, the lack of spf means it's good for photography. I also don't wear it often because it tends to break me out on my t-zone. I put up with the breakouts because I like the finish that it gives me and it doesn't make me look oily throughout the day. I do think that it's an average foundation because my bourjois foundation gives my skin a more natural result but it's a nice foundation to have around for photographic occasions.

The Wet Brush 
I have naturally curly hair, which means a lot of tangles happen. I was always told that if you have curly hair you need to brush it with a wide tooth comb while it has conditioner in it. I was always told not to brush my hair when it's wet because it causes breakage. As a child, I always hated when my mom brushed my hair because it always hurt, the brush would get stuck in my hair à la Princess Diaries and it was alway a pain to deal with. This brush changed everything. It never pulls or tugs at my hair and it manages to painlessly get rid of all the tangles. I can brush my hair while it's wet or dry and it always feels therapeutic. No matter what your hair type buy this brush!

I got new glasses this month and I think they look a little better on my when my cheekbones are defined. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to contouring so I  decided that drugstore products would be the way to go to experiment with this concept. Last month, I started using the L'Oréal Infalliable Pro Countour palette in Light. I like the contour shade because it's not very pigmented aka it's fool proof because you can never go too far so a noob like me can achieve a nice result. Whether you go in with a light hand or a heavy hand it's easy to blend out and ends up looking nice. It's a not too cool like it looks grey but not too warm that it looks orange. It's the perfect shade for my pale skin. I'm not a huge fan of the highlight shade because it's basically the color of my skin with some shimmer in it. I'll use it if I'm in a hurry or to set my under eye area. I've used it as eyeshadow and liked how it turned out. In the middle of the month I started using the NYX HD Blush in Taupe as a contour shade. It's more pigmented, a little cooler toned and slightly darker than the L'Oréal contour shade. I find the NYX one gives you a more defined looking face. The NYX one is matte whereas the L'Oréal one seems to be a little more on the satin side. Both are good shades for pale skin. They both serve the same purpose but if I had to pick just one I would go with the NYX but the L'Oréal one is good if you're just starting out.

MAC Velvet Teddy
I've liked this lipstick ever since I got it but lately I've been obsessed with it. It used to appear more orange on my lips. Now that I have new glasses, which are burgundy/red it looks more like a browny nude. I've developed a love for darker nude lipsticks because they actually have a color as opposed to pale nudes that can look like concealer. Velvet Teddy looks different on everybody but I would say that you need this one or a shade like it in your collection. It's a warm toned nude that looks flattering on everyone.

Mrs. Cop 2 
I loved the original Mrs. Cop and I'm glad there's a season 2. Season 2 is a different story with a complete different squad so you don't need to have watched season 1 to understand season 2. Kim Min Jong is the only cast member who's in both. While I miss the original squad, I like the new one as well. I think the original one was better than the sequel but it's nice to be able to watch the same kind of show.

Marriage Contract 
I was skeptical about watching this one because it's a melodrama and the summary says that the main female character has a brain tumor. I ended up being obsessed with this show. It's the only one I really care about at the moment. Every episode makes me cry. I'm rooting for the two main characters. I desperately want them to have a happy ending. Waiting for new episodes is pure agony. If you can only watch one kdrama watch this one.

Rez Power - Israel & New Breed
Grace to Grace - Hillsong Worship
Hymns Mashup Pt. II - Anthem Lights
Talk Love -K.Will
City Dove - Tori Kelly

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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