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NOTD: Essie Romper Room

NOTD essie romper room the best pale pink nail polish

I've been searching for an extremely pale pink nail polish for the past few months. I noticed that pink was lacking in my collection. I wanted something wasn't a neutral. I didn't want to repurchase Essie Fiji for two reasons: just the thought of applying it to my nails stresses me out because it's so streaky and they reformulated it and the new colour is more of a bright pink. I knew about Romper Room since its 2014 release but I overlooked it at the time because I wasn't into pale pink shades. Now I'm glad I bought it because this is the shade I was looking for. Essie describes it as a pale tea rose pink. It's a white-based pink. The formula isn't the best. Application requires a lot of patience and I don't think it's a shade I'll reach for all the time because of that. I find that it needs four coats for complete opacity. The first and second coat were a little streaky. The third coat too away the streakiness but it still left some gaps. The fourth coat evened everything out and made it completely opaque. Fiji always needed four coats as well but it always looked streaky whereas Romper Room looks even. I think it's a beautiful pale pink that makes me think of Spring when I look at my nails. It's a nice chance from my usual neutral shades. This is also a nice shade to wear for Easter. Essie nail polishes typically last 4 days with minimal chipping on my nails.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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