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February Favorites!

February went by rather quickly. I can't believe it's already March. Spring is nowhere in sight around here. It's snowing outside my window as I type this. Now, onto the favorites.

MAC Patina
When I first tried this eyeshadow I was disappointed because it was more pigmented when I swatched it on my hand than on my eyelids. Now, I actually love it to add a wash of color all over the lid with my 217 brush for a simple everyday makeup look. It's a frost finish but it looks natural on the eyes. MAC describes it as a taupe brown with golden pearl. I guess you could say it's a burnt gold. It's cool toned. It's a great shade to have in your collection for days when you want a golden eye look but don't want a bright gold or just don't have time to blend out a bunch of shadows. It makes me want to try more shades like it (Burberry Pale Barley I'm looking at you.)

Covergirl Plumpify Mascara
I have this in the waterproof version. This mascara give my lashes the same effect as Le Volume de Chanel. It's everything that I want in a mascara. My lashes are lengthened, voluminous and not clumpy. Once it sets it's not going anywhere. It's even difficult to take off. The brush is something I've never seen before and I was skeptical about it but somehow it just works. Covergirl is my favorite brand for mascara so I knew I would like it. I didn't think it would reach the same HG level as the Clump Crusher but it did.

Fleur de Force lip gloss in Written in the Stars
Fleur was one of the first people I started watching on Youtube. When she came out with her own makeup range I knew it would be good. Fleur knows her lip gloss. Written in the Stars is a beautiful MLBB shade. It works on no makeup days and full on makeup days. It's not sticky, has a nice sweet scent, and it feels light on the lips. I'm not a fan of lip gloss. The only glosses that I like besides Fleur's are the NYX Butter glosses. I definitely think any of the glosses from her range are worth it.

TV Shows:

Fuller House 
I know that this came out not even a week ago, but I binge watched it in a matter of hours. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but I loved every minute of it. I think that any Full House fan would love this, It has the same family feel to it. All your beloved favorite characters are back (except Michelle). Watching it is like seeing an old friend after being apart for many years. The first episode was so nostalgic and it made me cry. You also make new friends along the way. I love Max! The ending was a bit of a letdown. However, I think it's worth the watch. I would love for it to get a season 2. Update: season 2 has been confirmed.


Descendants of the Sun
I know that this only started last week. As I write this post I haven't watched episode 3 yet. I think it deserves a mention because the first episode got me hooked. I'm already too invested in the romance between the main couple. This drama is probably the most hyped up drama that's currently airing. I heard about it since the end of 2015. At the time I didn't think I would be interested in a military and medical drama. It's the romance (and Song Joong Ki) that made me keep watching. The OST is amazing. I can already tell that it's going to end up on my list of favorite dramas.

Those Magic Changes - Jordan Fisher (I think it was the best part of Grease Live!)
Amore Senza Fine - Giovanni Caccamo ft. Deborah Lurato
Always - Yoon Mi Rae
Dear No One - Tori Kelly (This song is literally my life.)

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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