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How to Fix a Dry & Flaky Scalp

Recently I've been struggling with a sensitive, dry and flaky scalp. My regular shampoo just wasn't helping anything so I figured Head & Shoulders would be the best shampoo to try to fix it. The reason I decided to try it is because my father uses this brand and honestly his hair always looks soft and healthy. I purchased the Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 dry scalp care with almond oil because my hair seems to love oils.

I've used dandruff shampos in the past but whenever I used the product it felt like my scalp was burning so I didn't use any for years, but this one isn't like that. It smells fresh and it feels gentle when you use it. Each bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners contain 7 benefits for your hair and scalp. This one removes flakes, calms itching, relives irritation, reduces redness, has a great scent, fights dryness and leaves hair beautiful. It relives a dry scalp by locking in moisture. It contains 1% pyrithione zinc which reduces flakiness by slowing the production of skin cells. Almond oil has many benefits for hair such as leaving the hair soft and shiny, getting rid of split ends and treating dandruff.

The directions on the bottle recommend that you use the shampoo twice a week but I've been using it once a week and I've seen a visible difference in my hair. It looks healthier and shiner, I don't get visible flakes and it doesn't feel itchy. I would recommend any product from this brand because it really works.

I don't remember the exact price I paid for this shampoo. I think it was around $3.49. I know it was less than $5 for sure.

Sincerely. JoJo. ♥

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