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NOTD: Sinful Colors Starfish

Sinful Colors is a nail polish brand that I see at Target all the time but it looks me a long time to try it. I never found any shades stood out to me until I saw this one. Sinful Colors Starfish is a cool-toned pink shade. In some lights it looks like a muted pink, almost nude shade but in direct sunlight it looks like a brighter cool-toned pink. I don't have any colors like this in my collection. I'm not the biggest wearer of pink nail polish. I prefer a good nude or a red and even a blue from time to time. When I wear pink nail polish I tend to take it off after a few days.

The formula is pretty good. I was surprised by how easy it was to apply considering I paid $1.99 for this nail polish. It went on creamy for the most part. On some nails the first coat applied a little streaky but once I went in with a second coat it was opaque. I applied two coats on all of my nails but did three coats on my thumbs just to make sure everything was opaque.

It doesn't have the best wear time in my opinion. It looked perfect on the first day. On the second day I noticed some wear on the edges of my nails. It didn't chip but it was starting to fade on the very tips of the nails. One the third day I noticed some chipping on three nails and two nails looked like the polish had cracked on them.

Overall this is a beautiful shade and works well if you need your nails to look polished for a day or two. Considering that it costs $1.99 I'm not disappointed. I probably won't reach for this shade often but when I feel like wearing pink nail polish I'll definitely wear this polish again.

Sincerely, JoJo. ♥

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