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Is it Worth the Hype? The Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is one of the most hyped up products in the beauty industry. Beauty bloggers, make up artists and youtubers constantly raves about it. It's something that people never stop talking about. I always wondered if it was actually true. When a product gets a ridiculous amount of praise I always wonder if it's too good to be true. It's also pretty pricey so if you're going to spend over $20 on a sponge it better be worth it. 

damp beauty blender (looks like an Easter egg lol)

After months of debating whether or not I should buy one I finally caved. I'm so glad I did. From the first time I tried it I fell in love with this product. It blends my foundation so flawlessly that it doesn't even look like I have make up on. It also made my under eye concealer look amazing. I always used to be worried about looking cakey and not blending my foundation properly but now I don't anymore. I don't think I'll ever go back to using brushes to apply my liquid foundation. It's even better than using your fingers. 

How to use it (in case anyone doesn't know): it's pretty simple, wet the whole sponge, squeeze it to get all the water out, apply foundation on your face or on the sponge, bounce the sponge all over your face to blend it out. 

I know that people may be hesitant to buy it because of the price. If you wear foundation, bb cream or a tinted moisturizer on a daily basis I think it's completely worth it. I love it and I say yes, it's worth the hype. 

Sincerely, JoJo xoxo

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