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Beneath the Glitter Book Review

Beneath the GlitterBeneath the Glitter by Elle Fowler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At the beginning of the book I wasn't really sure if I would like it because it starts off kind of confusing, but the more I read it, the more I liked it.

Beneath the Glitter is a book that follows the lives of youtube stars Ava and Sophia London. They live in LA and their careers are finally taking off and so is their love lives.

Ava meets Liam an actor that she's had a crush on since she was 12. They have an instant connection. They have lots of things in common. She's really good for his rep. She also meets Dalton who is her complete opposite and they butt heads about almost everything.

Sophia is on a boytox. She meets Giovanni who always seems to know what she's thinking before she knows it. His accent is to die for but he's a bartender and an artist. She also meets Hunter, the guy who can make her dreams come true at any time. Who will she choose?

Full of funny moments, interesting friends and adorable pets, Beneath the Glitter keeps you wanting more. If you like Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series and The Fame Game you will like this book as well.

The ending was cryptic and mysterious and I'm dying to know what happens next. I'm highly anticipating the sequel.

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