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NOTD: Essie No More Film

I got this nail polish back in March at a store called Beauty 35 in New York City. The reason why I bought it in New York was because it was cheaper. I think I paid $5.29 which is really good because here it ranges from $7.99-$11.99 depending where you go. I'm saying this to let you know that if you happen to be in New York I suggest that you go to Beauty 35. It's on 8th & 35th. It was part of Essie's 2012 Resort collection. I think it's limited edition but I'm not entirely sure. Anyways Essie  describes this colour as " a creamy, seductive deep violet." It's a really dark purple. It's very purple, almost blue. I don't know why it was in a Spring collection because it's so dark. I think it's a good colour for Fall because of it's darkness. 

This photo is really random but I took it like this so that you can see the what the colour really looks like. The formula is very thick, probably the thickest Essie polish I've ever seen. It's also very creamy and opaque. Since the formula is so thick one coat is enough for maximum opacity. I guess you could do 2 coats if you want. When wearing this polish I always put on only one coat.
Random thought of the day: I'm obsessed with Anthem Lights.


  1. The color is so bright and beautiful but I'm to fidgety for essie. I always mess up my nails like seconds after I paint them. Nice post!


  2. Wow! This colour is so pretty!! Love it!!