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Cute, Comfy & Affordable Shoes

When it comes to buying shoes I'm the type of person who is willing to spend more to find a great pair of shoes that will last me a long time. I'm in love with Michael Kors flats. I typically prefer quality over quantity but sometimes I like to find a good deal. The other day I was shopping with two of my friends. We went to Payless and my feet were hurting because we had been walking all day so I decided to check out some of their shoes. I don't usually shop there and I don't know why. They actually have great shoes at awesome prices and the quality is pretty good. You're not going to find the best high quality designer shoes there but you will find affordable shoes. They also have designers who make shoes for them like Christian Siriano. I ended up buying a pair of really cute cap toe flats. They're honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had.

They're called the Claire Scrunch flat by the brand dexflex by Dexter. I've never heard of this brand before. The second I tried them I said they feel like slippers. The shoes has two layers of memory foam insoles, extra cushioning to relieve pressure points in the ball and heel of foot and a flexible outsole made for ease of movement. They cost $34.99 CAN/ $24.99 USD. At a price like that I wasn't going to leave them there. So I bought them and for the past few days I've been choosing these over all my other shoes. I'd even say that they're more comfortable than my beloved TOMS. They also look like lots of designer shoes that I've seen which is an added bonus. 


  1. These are so cute! I usually find that shoes from Payless are not very comfortable, but these look nice and padded! I don't know why but my feet cannot stand flats...they always brush on the back of my foot and they kill my feet! have to be on the lookout for a really good pair, and these might just be it! :)