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eos Hand Lotion Review

I know that people heard of eos lip balm but did you know that they also sell hand lotion? I've known about this product for quite a while but I didn't think that they sold it in Canada. I am so glad that they do. The other day I was walking home from the gym and I decided to stop at the drug store to see if they got any new products. When I saw that they had the eos everyday hand lotion I jumped at the chance to get to because it's the first time that I've seen it in Canada. The cashier freaked out when she saw it and I had to show her where I found it. She was just as excited as I was to try it. 

I chose the cucumber scent because I love cucumber. They also have berry blossom and a regular unscented one. I've been using it obviously on my hands for the past 5 day before I go to bed and in the morning I've noticed that my skin is soft. It's 97% natural and paraben free. This lotion it infused with shea butter, aloe and antioxidants. It lasts for 36 months. On the back there's a sticker that you peel off and there's a paper that says "Smooth on our super-soothing hand lotion and make your skin smile." I don't know if my skin smiles but when I smell the lotion it makes me smile lol. I like the eos lip balm and figured the lotion would be just as good as the lip balm. I honestly love the hand lotion way more than the lip balm. It's really refreshing to use. I think that this lotion works really well at keeping your skin moisturized and smooth. I'd definitely recommend it. The packaging is adorable. It looks like and egg and it's flat. It's small so it's perfect for keeping in your bag. I found it at Jean Coutu and it was $4.99. I've been looking for it at Shoppers Drug Mart, I haven't seen it but I'm guessing they'll get it soon. 

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  1. OMG haha I saw it at jean coutu downtown yesterday too! but it was $5.99 and I thought it was kind of expensive so I passed. I'll eventually give in, I can feel it haha :P I also have the lip balm and I find it does a pretty good job at moisturizing my lips. Thanks for posting! :)