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Today was my first day back at school and I decided to wear classic red nail polish. Why? Because it adds a pop of colour to any outfit but still looks classy. I've searched for months for the perfect red nail polish and OPI Red is the perfect red for me. It's described as "the color that started it all" on the OPI website. After seeing that description I knew it was the colour that I was looking for. Every nail polish brand has red but some seem too orange or too pink. This nail polish is really red which is the kind of red that I like. If you're looking for a real red I'd recommend this one.

The photo does not do it justice. It looks more pinkish in the picture but in person it's the perfect red. The formula is thick enough that you can get away with one coat. Most of the time I will one put on one coat but this time I put two coats just because two coats are always recommended for the perfect manicure. 

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